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1. How do I obtain a 911 address for my property?
2. Do I need to make an appointment to speak to someone in the Planning Department?
3. How do I purchase tax trust property?
4. Can I move a mobile or manufactured home into the city limits?
5. How can I find out the zoning of a property?
6. How do I set up a pre-development meeting?
7. How often does the Planning and Zoning Board meet?
8. What is the process for rezoning a piece of property?
9. When does the Zoning Board of Adjustment meet?
10. What is the process for applying for a variance?
11. What is a requirement to pull an electrical, mechanical, or plumbing permit?
12. What is the general process to obtain a building permit?
13. Do I need a building permit for a car port?
14. Do I need a building permit for a storage building?
15. How long does it take for my building permit to be approved?
16. How much will my building permit cost?
17. What is the process for a zone change request?