Capital Improvements Plan

A capital improvements plan is vital to charting the long term course of City projects and providing robust financial planning. 

The projects on this plan must meet several criteria.

  1. Meet the long term strategic vision of the City
  2. Have an identified cost of greater than $25,000
  3. Have a useful life greater than 5 years

Projects are identified by several methods. Most are identified through various master plans developed to properly manage the City’s assets, such as Water and Wastewater Master Plans. Others are recommended through various public input methods such as the Comprehensive Plan.

While the intent of the plan is not to allocate funding for the projects, the intent is to identify potential funding sources so that sound financial decisions may be made during the budget process to maximize available resources.

As with most planning documents, the plan itself must remain fluid. But by having a plan, the City can be flexible in allocating resources and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. It is simply knowing what needs to be done in the future that provides for sound judgements in the present.

This document will be updated annually as part of the budget planning process and the hope is that with each update, the document will describe the process in greater detail and be graphically pleasing and professional, as a true representation of the value and effort the City places on proper planning.

Capital Improvements Plan (2021-2025)

Capital Improvements Plan (2020 - 2024)