Industrial Pretreatment

NOTICE:  The City is in the process of implementing a state mandated pretreatment program and all existing commercial and industrial sewer customers are required to file a wastewater user questionnaire.  Please contact Steve Barry with Jones-Carter by email  or at  281-363-4039 for questions or assistance.

Water Quality Protection

The Pretreatment Program is a cooperative effort of State, Federal, and local regulatory agencies  along with commercial and industrial users established to protect water quality. Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 403, provides the regulatory basis for requirements and responsibilities of non-domestic wastewater discharges and the Control Authority (City) in the Pretreatment Program.  The program helps prevent the pollutants that can cause damages or pass through our wastewater treatment plants from entering the publicly owned treatment works (POTW).


The purpose of the Industrial Pretreatment Program is to:

  • Protect the POTW
  • Protect human health and safety
  • Prevent non-compliance with permits
  • Protect receiving waters for aquatic life, recreational uses, and water supplies
  • Improve opportunities for wastewater and bio solids reuse


The Pretreatment Program is authorized by Article 13.05 of the City of Kilgore Code of Ordinances.  This Ordinance is subject to change as necessary.  The Ordinance sets forth the commercial and industrial discharge limits, reporting requirements, and enforcement options.


All commercial and industrial businesses must complete an industrial pretreatment questionnaire, prior to connecting to the sewer system. The City evaluates each business to determine if a permit is required.