Meet the Fire Chief

It is my honor to represent the dedicated firefighters that proudly serve and protect the citizens of Kilgore. It is a privilege to work with a progressive and proactive organization that is continuously striving to meet the emergency needs of our community. 

The Kilgore Fire Department is continually looking for more efficient ways to meet these community needs. One example of this is the purchase of our new rapid response vehicle (Tactical 1). This vehicle meets all of the needs of an emergency response vehicle while being more efficient and economical.

The firefighters train on a regular basis, teaming up with Kilgore College to ensure a department that is knowledgeable and reliable while exceeding industry standards. Because of the training, education and policies, the Kilgore Fire Department is  proud to be Best Practices recognized by the Texas Fire Chief's Association and have a low ISO rating of 2.

Welcome to our website. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact us.