Code Enforcement

High Weeds and Grass

City Code sets forth that weeds and grass can not grow over 12 inches on a developed lot.  If the grass and weeds are over 12 inches then the property is in violation of City Code.  A developed lot is a lot with a house or any structure on it. 

House with high grass in yard

Junk Motor Vehicles

City Code defines a vehicles as a vehicle that is inoperative, which means not able to be moved, that also has an expired sticker on the vehicle.  If the vehicle is on blocks, has flat tires, or has been wrecked and has an expired sticker, it is a junk motor vehicle.  It does not matter that the vehicle runs or not, it is still inoperative and is in violation of City Code.

junk car

Accumulation of Junk, Trash and Debris

City Code requires that all exterior parts of a property ‘shall be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.’  Trash, filth, refuse, limbs, junk or any other unsightly or unsanitary items must be removed immediately.

Picture of trash on a lot

Zoning Violations

The City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office enforces many regulations dealing with land use within the City Limits.  Certain activities and land uses, while allowed in Commercial or Industrial Zonings, may not be allowed in Residential Zonings.

Parking of heavy load vehicles, such as large trucks and trailers and outdoor storage of items are two such uses that are not allowed in Residential Zonings.

big truck in residential neighborhood

Camping Violations

City of Kilgore Code of Ordinances defines camping as ‘sleeping or staying in any place other than a permanent structure, such as a residence or building, where the person has a legal right to be’.   This includes sleeping or staying in a travel trailer, a tent or a vehicle.  City Code prohibits camping inside the city limits.  Travel trailers can not be used for sleeping or staying, even when parked at a residence and tied into water and sewer.

travel trailer being used as a residence

Unsafe Structures

Unsafe structures are structures that have been determined to be unsafe for their current use or in danger of partial or complete collapse.  Unsafe structures are also vacant structures that are currently open, creating an attractive nuisance for kids or illegal activity.  Code Enforcement will work with the property owner to either have the structure brought up to code or removed. 

unsafe structure