Criminal Investigation Unit

The Criminal Investigation Unit (C.I.U.) is the investigative arm oDetective working at computerf the police department. C.I.U. handles: 

  • The follow-up investigations of criminal offenses and internal investigations
  • The development of information contributing to offense prevention
  • The management of physical evidence and property
  • Victim assistance


The primary functions of the Criminal Investigation Unit are:

  • To review and investigate reports of felony and misdemeanor criminal acts
  • Identify suspects, both adult and juvenile
  • Prepare cases for prosecution with the District Attorney's Office.

Investigative work is reactive from reports with the identification, arrest and prosecution of suspects and also proactive through the prevention of criminal acts in their identification of suspects.

Property and Evidence

The maintenInvestigator analyzing evidence in crime labance, management and safekeeping of property and evidence taken in by the Kilgore Police Department also falls within the Criminal Investigations Unit.  

Officer Angela Burch is assigned as the Department's Property and Evidence Officer.

Supporting Victims

The Investigation Unit also provides support to victims of crimes during the course of an investigation. The crime victims and the community both benefit from the prosecution and punishment of criminals. Every attempt is made to prioritize an investigator's work so that cases involving injured persons, threats to personal safety and significant property loss receive the most immediate attention. The Investigations Unit has at least one detective designated as being "on call" at all times, though all detectives can be called in to work major crime scenes as needed. The detectives are available during normal business hours.