Dispatcher looking at multiple computer monitors in dispatch center, 911, 9-1-1, communications

Our Goal

The goal of our Communications center is to keep our residents safe and assist them to the best of our ability.

Who We Are

 Our center is made up of one Communications Supervisor and seven Telecommunications Operators, better known to the public as dispatchers.

What We Do

  • Responsible for identifying, dispatching, and supporting emergency response calls for service
  • Handle all Kilgore 911 and non-emergency calls
  • Dispatch numerous agency responders, including:
    • Animal Control
    • Kilgore Fire Department911 Getting Help is Easy
    • Kilgore Police Department
    • Kilgore Rescue Unit
    • Sabine Volunteer Fire Department
  • Answer and transfer all medical emergencies to Champion EMS
  • Coordinate emergency communications during disasters and other critical situations
  • Activate severe weather warning system during hazardous weather
  • Activate Smart911 emergency notification system
  • Provide Public Education to the City of Kilgore residents, schools/child care facilities, nursing homes, and businesses
  • Handle all after hours emergencies for the City of Kilgore, including:
    • Street Department
    • Parks Department
    • Water Department