Environmental Services

City Building & Facilities Maintenance

City Building & Facilities Maintenance Include:

  • Maintain municipal buildings, City facilities and structures
  • Coordinate facilities maintenance and work scheduling with other departments
  • Manage supplies and inventories
  • Inspect, adjust and replace necessary components and parts on all buildings
Energy Efficiency Reports:

Rabies and How it can be Controlled

Man and all mammals are susceptible to rabies, which is almost invariably fatal.

The disease is transmitted by an infected animal's biting or licking. The virus enters the victim's body through a break in the skin, or rarely, through mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat).

Rabies affects the central nervous system. It may take from ten days to over a year to develop; however, exposed people can be successfully treated before the development of symptoms by a series of vaccinations.

Health Risks Associated with Wildlife as Pets

Many people have contact with wild animals and, especially if the animals are young, are tempted to take them home as pets. Baby animals are often cute, cuddly and responsive to attention. The temptation to remove them from their natural environment can be very strong, but before you try to make a pet out of a wild animal, please consider the following:

Animal Control

  • Impounding animals running at large within the city limits.
  • Retrieving surrendered animals that can no longer be cared for.
  • Trapping nuisance wildlife such as skunks, raccoons, armadillos, stray and feral cats.
  • Responding to animal bites and insuring the biting animal is quarantined according to State Laws.
  • Responding to dangerous/vicious dog complaints.
  • Responding to loose livestock.

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