Water & Wastewater

Press Release: City Water

June 28, 2016

As temperatures have climbed and precipitation declined, the water consumption by the City of Kilgore has been steadily increasing over the past few weeks...

Knowles- E. South Waterline Replacement

Knowles- E. South Waterline Replacement

The project basically consists of the following:
Installation of approximately 1640 lineal feet of 8” diameter PVC water pipe, connection to existing water system, installation of 14 water services between new water mains and existing meters, appurtenances, backfill and site restoration, and abandonment of existing water lines

Water Quality Reports

Below is a collection of Drinking Water Quality Reports for you to review.

Water Production and Treatment

The City of Kilgore has two major sources of drinking water: eight wells located in Smith County and a surface water treatment plant located in the northern part of the City.  Together they provide safe, clean drinking water to meet the domestic, commercial and industrial water demands of the City.

Metering, Accounting & Billing

The accounting and billing division is the “cash register” for the water department.  The three meter reader/technicians collect readings from an average of 5,349 accounts each month.  The readings are then entered into the billing system, and bills are sent to each water customer.

Wastewater Treatment

The City’s wastewater treatment plant plays an important part role in protecting the environment by removing impurities from the wastewater generated from residences, businesses and manufacturing facilities before discharging it back to the receiving stream. Through its various physical and biological processes, the plant continues to do an excellent job in treating the wastewater prior to returning it to the receiving stream.  The plant effluent is discharged to Rabbit Creek, which then flows into the Sabine River.