Activate Utilities for Rental Properties

All rental properties wanting to activate utilities will have to pass a safety inspection conducted by the Kilgore Fire Department.

Rental Property Safety Survey

Online requests submitted during business hours will be received by the Kilgore Fire Department on the same day. Any request after business hours will be submitted to the Kilgore Fire Department on the next business day. An employee with the Kilgore Fire Department will contact you within 24 hours from the time your request has been received to set-up a time for the inspection.

This inspection will ensure the residence meets current acceptable safety codes and is safe for habitation. The water to the residence will only be turned on should it pass inspection. If the water is currently on and the home does not pass inspection the water will be shut-off at the meter until all corrections have been made.

Below is a list of what will be inspected.

  • Address numbers clearly visible from the street;
  • No double key dead bolts on exit doors;
  • All sleeping rooms must have two forms of egress (usually a door and a window);
  • Working smoke detectors installed in every bedroom;
  • Working smoke detectors must be installed outside of all bedrooms;
  • Exits are cleared and not blocked;
  • Water heater is vented, secured and has adequate combustion air if gas fueled;
  • Water heater has a temperature and pressure (T&P) valve installed;
  • Outlets and switches are free from damage;
  • Cover plates on all outlets and switches;
  • Circuit breaker panel properly marked;
  • Roof is in good condition;
  • All outside exits doors are to be well lit with porch lighting;
  • The home is properly heated;
  • Burglar bars have quick release on all bedroom windows;
  • Must have properly working kitchen sink;
  • If a kitchen stove is provided it must be in good condition;
  • Windows must be intact;
  • Minimum of one working toilet, sink, tub/shower;
  • Doors and locks are functional;
  • No permanent extension cords;
  • No exposed wiring.

* This inspection has been provided to help ensure you and your family’s safety. *
* All items must pass inspection prior to occupying the structure. *

When you are ready for the inspection and to active your utilties, please submit a request to activate utilities.