"What's Your Emergency?"


The primary responsibility of the Communications Division is to identify, dispatch and support emergency response agencies calls for service.


Kilgore Police Department Communications Division consists of the Communications Supervisor: Rachel Rowe, and seven Telecommunications Operators, better known to the public as dispatchers.



  • Handling of all Kilgore 911 and non-emergency calls.

  • Dispatch Kilgore Police Department, Kilgore Fire Department, Kilgore Rescue Unit, Sabine Volunteer Fire Department, and Animal Control for the City of Kilgore.

  • Answer and transfer all medical emergency calls to Champion EMS.

  • Educate area adults and children on the 911 system and emergency responses.

  • Coordination of emergency communications during disasters or other critical situations.

  • Activate telephone/radio warning systems during tornado warnings.

  • Handle all after hour emergencies for the City of Kilgore.


Rachel Rowe

Dispatch Supervisor

   Betty Ashcraft     
  Dana Dukes       
   Cristin Harris       
  Amber Sims       
   Shlonda Stokes    

 Amber Thompson   

Jan Vestal