City Cemeteries Unauthorized Item Removal

May 27, 2011


The City of Kilgore will be conducting a cleaning project at all three city cemeteries, Kilgore Memorial Gardens, Kilgore Cemetery, and Danville Cemetery, to remove unauthorized items from graves and surrounding areas. Any personal mementos which will cause damage during cemetery cleaning, or mowing, will be removed from resting places and stored in each cemetery office. The community can help by removing the items from their loved ones resting place. Unauthorized items include landscaping timbers, stones and concrete/or other material blocks, toys, personal items such as jewelry, balloons, glass vases, scarves, and any other item which can be easily removed by others visiting the cemetery. This does not include permanent fixtures such as benches and memorial flags. When visiting the city cemeteries please assist the city employees by not leaving behind personal items of remembrance on the graves and monuments. Cemetery employees strive to keep the final resting sites pristine and presentable for family and friends to visit and have a time of contemplation without the stress of knowing someone has removed specialties from the sites.