Code Enforcement to Step Up Garage Sale Enforcement

May 6, 2011

With the warmer weather also comes garage sales.  The City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office will once again be out enforcing City Ordinances related to garage sales.  If you or someone you know is planning on having a garage sale this summer, please remember that under City Ordinance, a garage sale permit must be issued prior to the date of the sale.  Permits can be obtained at Kilgore City Hall and are FREE.  As with last summer, Code Enforcement will be working on certain Saturdays as well as during the week to check for garage sales that are being conducted without the proper permit.  If a person is found to be having a garage sale without a permit, a ticket will be issued for the violation of City Ordinance. 

Another issue that arises with garage sales are garage sales signs.  Under City Ordinance, garage sale signs can only be placed on private property with the property owner's consent.  Garage sales signs can not be placed in the street right of way or on utility poles or traffic signs.  If you are setting out garage sale signs and find yourself wondering if it is in the street right of way, just look for the utility poles.  Normally, the area between the street and the utility pole is considered the street right of way.  Any sign that is placed in the right of way or on utility poles will be removed by Code Enforcement and a ticket can be issued. 

As with any other issue, if anyone has any questions concerning garage sales, please feel free to contact the City of Kilgore Code Enforcment Office at 903-988-4129.