Regular City Council Meeting

Date Time: 
June 22, 2010 | 5:30pm
City Administration Building, 815 N. Kilgore St


AGENDA                                                       § R. E. SPRADLIN. III – MAYOR

CITY COUNCIL MEETING                                    § RANDY RENSHAW – MAYOR PRO–TEM

JUNE 22, 2010  5:30 P.M.                              § HARVEY McCLENDON – COUNCIL MEMBER





Citizens may address the Council regarding any posted agenda item by filling out a speaker's card prior to the item being called.  These presentations shall be limited to three minutes. The Mayor, at his discretion, may reasonably extend time limit.

I.Call to order

II.Prayer  by Charlotte Austin, McCary’s Chapel UMC

III.Pledge of Allegiance

IV.Approval of the Agenda

This section shall approve of the order and content of the agenda.  The Mayor or any City Council member may ask for the order and/or content of the agenda to be modified under this item upon consent of a majority of the Council.

V.Public Forum

Individual citizen comments are normally limited to five minutes (time limits can be adjusted by the Mayor).  The purpose of this item is to allow citizens an opportunity to address the City Council.  The City Council has no obligation to respond in any manner to comments or questions asked of them by the speaker.  Any response by a member of the City Council is limited to a statement of specific factual information, a recitation of existing policy, or a proposal to place the subject on the agenda for a future City Council meeting.

VI.Citizen Presentations


VII.Staff Presentations / Reports

A.R.E. Spradlin, III, Mayor – Proclamation to Shakespeare Festival 25th Season

VIII.Consent Agenda

This section shall provide for items that require action by the Council, but where no discussion is anticipated.  By a single motion, second and affirmative majority vote, items under this section are approved without further discussion or action.

A.Withdraw items from the consent agenda

      Any Council member may request the removal of any item from the consent agenda, in which case the item shall be discussed and voted upon separately.

B.Approve the following minutes:

1.       City Council Worksession of June 3, 2010

2.      City Council Meeting of June 8, 2010

3.      Kilgore Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors Meeting of May 11, 2010

4.      Kilgore Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors Meeting of June 14, 2010.

C.Authorize seeking of bids for the Rusk Street Elevated Storage Tank Painting Project.

D.Approve the Proposed 2011 Gregg Appraisal District Budget.

IX.Public Hearing

A. None

X.Ordinances / Resolutions and other Action Items

  1. Adopt Ordinance 1459 – juvenile curfew.


  1. Waterblastco Annexation Ord.

XI.Future Agenda Item

This section of the agenda shall allow any member of the City Council, the Mayor, or the City Manager the opportunity to introduce items to be discussed and/or acted upon at a future meeting.

XII.Executive Session

Pursuant to Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, the City Council reserves the right to convene in Executive Session(s) from time to time as deemed necessary during this meeting.  The City Council may convene into Executive Session to discuss the following:

A.Pending or contemplated litigation or to seek the advice of the City Attorney pursuant to Section 551.071.

B.Possible acquisition of real estate pursuant to Section 551.072.

C.Personnel matters pursuant to Section 551.074.

D.Financial incentives to proposed business prospects Section 551.087




Posted:  Friday, June 18, 2010

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