Fee Schedule



Fire Alarm Permit: $100.00
Fire Sprinklers Permit: $100.00
Fire Suppression Systems:
(systems include paint booths, kitchen hood systems, and underground fire mains)
Underground and above-ground storage tank installation: $60.00 per tank
Underground and above-ground tank removal: $60.00 per tank
First and second re-inspection: No Charge
Third inspection: $75.00
Fourth inspection: $100.00
After-hours inspection: $75.00 per hour (2-hour minimum)
Mandatory staff/facility training: No Charge
Day Care facilities: $50.00 per facility
Hospitals inspections: $100.00
Mental Health/M.H.M.R. Facility: $100.00
Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facility: $100.00
Following Day Care facilities for Foster Home (any mandated inspection not otherwise classified: $50.00
Burn Permit: $50.00 per day
Operational permits fees under section 105.6 of the International Fire Code: No Charge
False alarm at the same site for subsequent false alarms fee: If the engine is dispatched and cancelled en route, it is not chargeable. Five free chargeable fire alarms allowed per calendar year. Begin charging on the 6th and subsequent false alarms during the calendar year. $75.00
Fire flow verification fee for hydrants from sprinkler companies: $100.00
Permit for public fireworks display: $50.00
Permit for fireworks retail sales: $50.00
Home/Rental fire safety inspection: No Charge
Exhibit/Trade Show Permit: $50.00
Fire Report: $10.00