Citizens Fire Academy

The Kilgore Citizens Fire Academy is a program to educate citizens and businesses about the Fire Department and to demonstrate what, how, where, and why firefighters do what they do.  It is a fun and fast-paced approach to learning what it takes to be a firefighter.  You will be issued your own firefighting gear to wear and use.   Topics include: first aid, CPR, how to use a fire extinguisher, fight fire, climb ladders, do searches in gear, and drive a fire truck.  The course is tailored so that all ages can be part of the fun(must be at least 18).  Participation is free and guaranteed to be enjoyable. 

The 9 week academy begins every fall.   The class meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 9:30.

Contact the Fire Administration at (903) 988 4112 for more information or to sign up.                                                  


        Issuing Personal Firefighting Gear

Fire Extinguisher Training               

     CPR Training

SCBA and Search Training     

         Preparing for Live Burns

   Wearing fire gear   smiley

 Working with ladders in firefighting gear


Using rescue tools and taking cars apart