Code Enforcement Provides Reminders about Garage Sales

April 3, 2012

Code Enforcement Provides Reminders about Garage Sales


Everyone loves a bargain, which is why garage sales are so popular.  Not only can a person get rid of some unwanted items and make a little cash, people also love looking for that one item that they cannot live without.  With the warmer weather of spring here again, we expect to see the number of garage sales increase as usually.  With more people having garage sales, the City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office wanted to provide some friendly reminders to ensure that the experience of having a garage sale is a little less stressful. 

1)  Do I need a permit for a garage sale?  Yes.  The City of Kilgore Code of Ordinance requires that anyone having a garage sale inside the city limits must first obtain a permit.  This allows the City to track the number of sales a location has per year in accordance with City Code.  Permits are available at Kilgore City Hall.  The permits are free and could save you the cost of a ticket for having a sale without a permit. 

2)  Where can I place signs?  Under the City of Kilgore Code of Ordinances, garage sale signs can only be placed on private property with the owner’s permission. Garage sale signs cannot be placed in the street right of way (ROW) or on public property.  A good general rule to determine the edge of the right of way is the location of the utility poles.  The street ROW is usually the area between the edge of the road and the utility poles.  Also remember that garage sales signs cannot be places on public property, such as utility poles, street signs, or traffic signal boxes.  This not only helps to maintain a safe driving environment on the roadway by reducing the amount of distractions to drivers, it also helps to keep our community beautiful by reducing the amount of unnecessary clutter along the road.

3)  How many sales can I have this year?  The City of Kilgore only allows 3 garage sales at a location per calendar year.  There are two reasons for this requirement.  The first reason is to prevent a home based business from operating in a residential area as a garage sale.  If a location is having numerous sales per year they maybe operating a business and would need to obtain a sales tax permit from the State of Texas Comptroller’s Office and would only be allowed to operate in an area that is properly zoned for commercial sales.  The second reason is due to traffic and parking issues.  When a location has a garage sale, there is an increase in the amount of traffic as well as an increase in the number of people parking on the street.  In some residential areas, this can cause a huge problem for residents of the neighborhood.  By limiting the number of sales a location has during a year, this is one way to keep these issues from becoming a huge problem. 

4)  How long can I have my garage sale?  Garage sale permits are good for one event for up to 3 days.  A sale that runs for up to 3 consecutive days is considered one event, but the event could be for any duration, such as one day only or just for two days.  Any sale that runs longer than 3 days must have a separate permit for anything over 3 days. 

The City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office will be proactively enforcing garage sale guidelines and can issue citations for any violation of City Code regarding garage sales.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office at (903) 988-4129 or in person at City Hall.