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Kilgore Fire Department Mission

The Kilgore Fire Department is dedicated to protecting lives, property, and the environment through preparedness, prevention, public education, and emergency response with an emphasis on quality services, efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.

Kilgore Fire Department Vision Statement

The Kilgore Fire Department vision is to be recognized as an all-hazards, all-risk service provider by developing and maintaining strategic community partnerships, hiring and training exceptional personnel, developing efficiencies in service provision to ensure fiscal sustainability for the organization.

Kilgore Fire Department Values

Duty ~ Honor ~ Integrity ~ Honesty ~ Pride ~ Professionalism~ Preparedness ~ Courage ~ Compassion

Kilgore Fire Department Motto

“Finish the Call”


The Kilgore Fire Department is the emergency first response system that covers approximately 75.5 square miles to include the City of Kilgore and surrounding areas in Gregg and Rusk Counties.  The Fire Department coverage response area includes approximately 20,000 people.  Services included are fire protection, fire inspections, rescue services, community education in first aid, cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation, fire extinguisher training, citizen’s fire academy, as well as involvement in other community projects.  The Fire Department also directly oversees the volunteer Kilgore Rescue Unit.  With about 90% of Kilgore firefighters certified as Wildland Firefighters another important service provided is the ability to be called upon throughout the State for wildland fires under the Texas Interstate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS).

The Kilgore Fire Department maintains a rapid first response to emergencies within our city limits and is able to respond in an efficient manner to our first response areas located in the surrounding counties.  We are able to record these responses and maintain an average response time of 4:39 inside our city limits.  The Kilgore Fire Department strives to maintain response times below national recommendations.   NFPA 1710 recommends response times below 8 minutes for a full alarm 90% of the time.  Kilgore average for a full fire alarm response is below 8 minutes 96% of the time, well above the recommendation by NFPA recommendations.  Fire department records are maintained for EMS, Haz-Mat, and Fire Certification that are well above those required by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and Texas Department of Health.  As part of the ongoing education process the Department actively promotes public education in fire and first aid by offering classes for citizens, businesses, and civic organizations.    

The Fire Department consists of thirty-three firefighters that work out of three fire stations that are located for optimal response time. Firefighters work 24 hour shifts which are supervised by shift commanders: A Shift - Captain Mark Henderson, B Shift - Captain Ben Jones, C Shift - Captain Justin Stephenson. The strategic location for the three fire stations are within the one mile & three mile radius/response for each.  Complete city coverage is within a four mile radius of each station.

The Fire Department is dedicated to following with the City Council vision and mission of providing an efficient, effective, and responsive government for the citizens of Kilgore and by providing the citizens with a premier quality of life.  As the Fire Department looks to the future, it strives to serve the citizens today and to provide the needs of the community in the future with quality service that reflects a proactive fire department by anticipating the needs of the city.

The Fire Department has begun to diligently train so that it can offer to its citizens a department that will meet the community emergency needs.   The department training exceeds Fire and EMS State requirements and the department has developed an extensive physical training program to ensure that the firefighters maintain physical conditioning that is imperative for job function.

The City Manager has given the fire department a designation of being a "volunteer fire department" because of the work that firefighters are doing to help the community. The Kilgore Fire Department is proud to help the citizens and City on many diverse projects that are not typical of the fire service. Firefighters have aided the Street and Parks Departments by picking up litter following parades and during the Chili Cook Off.  They have helped the Parks Department cut down trees, cut paths for the proposed bike trails, and helped flush a contaminated creek.  They spent several weeks walking the streets of Kilgore to do a pavement evaluation for the Street Department.  They assisted Main Street by building up props for the Theaterror and Christmas Carols in the Crim.  Firefighters have branded a day for anyone with special needs or abilities, S.A.F.F.E. Day, which drew approximately 3000 visitors last year and are planning a three day event in September at the sixth annual event. Firefighters have come to the assistance at Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center working several thousand hours to help enhance the surroundings and make it a success.  Other major projects that fall under the fire service is the KYAC (Kilgore Youth Advisory Committee) and the First Tee Program which helps to promote golf.  Not only have they done these things that gain much attention but they continue to do small everyday things that go unnoticed or unheard of such as changing a flat tire, helping motorists off the road, helping rescue small animals, and helping invalids at their residents.


Kilgore Fire Department


Kilgore Fire Department Administration

815 N. Kilgore Street

Kilgore, Texas 75662


Office Hours

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Monday - Friday

Fire Marshal’s Office 903-988-4114


Fire Station numbers are not listed

In case of emergency call 9-1-1

24/7 Non-Emergency Phone Number (Dispatch)


Many photos throughout the Fire Department's web site are courtesy of "The Kilgore News Herald"