Q:  What is the Fiscal Year for the City?
 A:  The City's fiscal year is October 1 to September 30.
Q:  When does the budget process begin?
 A:  The development of the budget begins in the fall of each year when the Council and City Manager establish priorities for the upcoming budget reflecting policy and program concerns of the community at large.  In the spring of each year, the City Manager developes a budget calendar and instructs department heads to submit their proposed budget requests.
Q:  When is the budget adopted?
 A:  The City Council discusses the proposed budget during public hearings and adopts a new budget prior to October 1st. 
Q:  What is the City's Ad Valorem tax rate?
 A:  2013 property tax rate is .42000 cents per $100 of valuation
Q:  What is the average home value in Kilgore?
 A:  The 2013 average market value for a home in Kilgore, Gregg County is $110,307 with a taxable value of $88,075. 
     The 2013 average market value for a home in Kilgore, Rusk County is $98,460 with a taxable value of $78,764.
Q:  What is the City's sales tax rate?
 A:  The sales tax rate for Kilgore in Gregg County is 8.25%.  The rate for Rusk County is 7.75%.  Of these rates, 6.25% is State sales tax, 1.0% is City, and 0.5% is Economic Development.   The County of Gregg collects 0.5%.  The County of Rusk does not collect a sales tax. 
Q: How much does the City owe in outstanding Bonded Debt?
 A: As of October 1, 2013, the city has $5,195,000 in outstanding debt that is paid with assessed Ad Valorem taxes.  The city's Water/Sewer Utility has $110,000 in outstanding debt that is paid with revenues from water/sewer sales.
Q:  What is the City's Hotel occupancy tax rate?
 A: The city collects 7% of the room rate.  The city passes this tax to the Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Shakespeare Festival, Kilgore Historical Preversation Foundation, the Main Street Program, Rangerette Revels, East Pipe Organ Festival, Kilgore Communiy Concert Association, and the East Texas Oil Museum. Requests for funding must be presented to the Hotel Occupancy Tax Advisory Board and upon their approval, the request is presented to Council prior to any funding being distributed.