Services Provided


Boom axe Police car repair Loader

The mechanics in Equipment Services do not just specialize in one field of repair but are entrusted to excel in various vehicles (diesel and gasoline), small engines, heavy machinery, hydraulics, and welding-fabricating.

They also deliver on-site services (service calls) when needed for things such as flat tires, dead batteries, stuck tractors and vehicles, vehicle recovery, etc.

Additionally, special projects are handled by the shop at the request of different individuals and departments such as the
KYSSED program mustang.

Below is a list of some of the services rendered to individual departments in addition to the general servicing and repairs of vehicles including the rigging out of new vehicles with needed equipment such as radios, sirens, overhead lights, tool boxes, auxilary fuel tanks, etc.

Repossess stolen vehicles and property
Assist in stolen vehicle identification                                                               
Repair impound lot vehicles
Allow use of shop for K9 training

Assist in fabrication of fire equipment and tools
Service and repair lawn care equipment i. e. -                                                                                
mowers, trimmers, etc
Maintenance of generators and smoke blower fans

Install necessary aftermarket equipment such as
tachometers and fast idle modules
Retrieval of vehicles for servicing and repair

High maintenance street sweeper – changing brushes,                                                                     
deck curtains, and deck adjustments
Asphalt laydown machine and patch machine
maintenance and repair
Servicing and repairs of heavy duty equipment-motor grater,
backhoes, roller, track loader, bobcat
Multiple dump trucks

Complete rebuild of rider mowers
Maintain mowers, weed eaters-trimmers
Service and repair dump truck and tractor-loader

Building Maintenance
Fabrication for various projects                                                                                        

Repair shop  equipment                                                                                                                                                                         
Install improvement packages                     
Maintain wash rack
Dispose of used tires
Haul scrap iron
Tabulate and record shop activity and fuel consumption
Unload freight shipments
Chase parts

Fabricate meter lids and cut off tools
Weed eater repair                                                                                             
Rebuild-repair Cub Cadet ATV
Backhoe and dump truck maintenance and repair

Street sweeper Backhoe Wood chipper