What do I do if I receive a notice of violation?

Anytime that you have questions, feel free to contact the City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office at City Hall or by phone at (903) 988-4129.  If you receive a notice of violation and need more time or more information about the violation, contact the City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office.

What happens if I do not correct the violation?

You could be issued a citation for the violation of City Ordinance or the city could have the necessary work done to bring the property into compliance and then bill the owner and/or file a lien on the property for the work. 

What if I need more time to correct the violation?

Contact the City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office either in person or by phone and speak to the Officer.  Depending on the specific circumstances, he may be able to grant an extension on the work.

If I report a violation, will the owner of the property know who complained?

In most cases, the identity of the complainant remains annonyoumous.

What type of violations does Code Enforcement do?

Code Enforcement educates the citizens about different sections of the City of Kilgore Code of Ordinances and enforces various Health and Ordinance violations inside the City of Kilgore.  Code Enforcement deals with violations for high weeds and grass, enforce garage sale permits, violations for junk and debris, junk motor vehicles and building and zoning violations.

How do I file a complaint?

A complaint can be filed in person at City Hall, by phone at (903) 988-4129 or by email. 

Why did I receive two separate letters on the same violation?

The City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office sends a notice of the violation by two forms of mail.  One notice will be delivered with regular First Class mail, and a second copy will be delivered via certified mail.  These two forms of mailing helps ensure that the notification properly reaches the person intended. 

What do I do if I had already corrected the violation prior to receipt of the letter?

Just contact the City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office upon receipt of the notice and advise them that the violation had already been corrected and request a second inspection.  Since notifications are sent by mail, it is possible that you may receive a notice about a violation that had already been corrected.