Dilapidated Buildings


Dilapidated, or unsafe, buildings are those that are 'found to be dangerous to the life, health, property or safety of the public or the occupants of the structure' (International Property Maintenance Code 108.1.1).  The building could be found to be unsafe due to structural weaknesses, fire, electrical or mechanical deficiencies.  Once a structure is deemed by the Building Official to be unsafe, a letter will be sent to the property owner.  Under City Ordinance, the property owner is responsible for the upkeep of the structure.  After the letter is received and if the structure is not brought into compliance in a reasonable timeframe, the owner of the property may be issued a citation or the City can order such work as deemed necessary to bring the structure into compliance, including demolition of the structure.  After the work is completed, the property owner will be billed by the City of Kilgore for the work and if payment is not made, a lien could be filed against the property.