Code Enforcement



Justin Windham, Code Enforcement Officer

Justin Windham began working with the City of Kilgore in September 2008 although he has worked as a Police Officer since 2001.  Justin has received his Advanced Police Officer certification and became a registered Code Enforcement Officer in 2009.  In February, 2012 Officer Windham completed Code Enforcement Level II certification.  In May, 2012 Officer Windham also received his Basic ACO certification.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the City of Kilgore Code Enforcement Office is to ensure the citizens of Kilgore are protected from conditions which are detrimental to health and safety, through the enforcement of environmental and consumer-health related statutes and ordinances and to provide for proper property maintenance through code compliance efforts.


  • To abate health related nuisances such as houses with no water, open sewers, rodent harbors, smells and garbage.
  • To aggressively abate code violations such as dilapidated structures, high grass, junk vehicles and trash

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